Classroom Rules and Procedures

1st Grade Teamword

The following rules are words we as a class agreed on, posted and signed individually  in order to keep our classroom respectful, responsible and most of all...SAFE!

Class Rules

1. Hands and Feet to Yourself

2. Raise your Hand for Permission to Speak

3. Follow Directions


Your child will need a daily folder with 2 pockets in which I will insert their monthly behavior calendar and papers to go home. Please check this folder daily, and keep papers sent home (those that do not need to be signed/returned) to help reduce clutter in the folder.  If it becomes lost/damaged, please send in a replacement.   On the behavior log I will mark your child's behavior each day using a color code. Blue means Excellent; Green means On Task; Yellow- Warning and redirect; Red-Parent Home Call. If a child has difficulty following a rule, they will take a 5 minute time-out in class.  If the behavior persists, a second time out will be given for 10 minutes in another teacher's classroom.  If the behavior still hasn't been corrected, then the child will be sent to the principal's office for a final time out.  Please note that I will always give a verbal warning before any time-out is given.  Those that have a  blue or green for behavior every day will  get a special reward at the end of each month.  I will happily accept small prizes for our classroom treasure box (typically small candies, goodies, or party-favor type prizes) at ANY TIME.  Please make sure your child brings his/her folder to class EVERY day!


Students who practice new skills learn new skills.  Therefore, your child is responsible for completing their homework every will not be given for late homework, with the exception of absences.  Homework consists of 2 parts:  reading (or being read to, depending on ability) for 15 minutes every day and written practice in reading and math.  This packet will reinforce 1st Grade Common Core Standards and our curriculum.