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Educational Websites


Web 2.0 Resources
Jeopardy Labs
Museum Box

For Teachers
T.I.E.s Home Page  This is our district technology page.  Here you will find
links to all areas of the curriculum.  You will also find archived copies of our
T.I.E.s monthly newsletters and links to
Curriculum Mapper, Ideal and the
Sharpschool Help page (with online help).   I strongly advise teachers to visit
Ideal.  Remember, streaming videos are available through Ideal.  Download
these videos and edit them to fit your needs. 

ReadWriteThink:  This is a fantastic interactive site that employs critical
to support reading and writing.  Many of these interactive activities
allow students to print out their work. 

IntoTheBook  This site is designed for both teachers and students.  It provides
excellent teaching strategies for teaching and supporting reading.  The site
includes videos and tutorials to help students master key skills in reading
such as using prior knowledge, making connections, questioning, visualizing
and more!

TeachersFirst  This site contains lesson plans and links to all areas relating to
the curriculum.  You can register or you can sign up as a guest.  I have had
great success with this site!  You can search by subject, by grade or by
keyword.  Unfortunately, unlike Nettrekker, it does NOT provide connections
to Arizona standards. 

Mathsheet Generator:  Teachers, do you have students who need extra
practice on basic facts?  Try this site out.  It's free. 

Handwriting and Printing Worksheet Generator:   Create cursive writing
sheets using your weekly spelling lists.  This site is free. 

Teacherfiles.com   This free site has clipart, printable resources and more.

Links for Students:

Great Sites for Kids -ALA (American Librarian Association).  This is an
website.  I like it because it's developed and maintained by librarians!  It's a
great place to locate
decent sites for children who are doing research reports. 

Academic Skillbuilders:  what a FUN site!  Compete with other students! 
There are math games,
vocabulary games and much much more.  This is suitable for middle school
students too!

Time for Kids:  A current events magazine suitable for elementary and middle
 school students.   

Storyline Online:   Listen to famous actors read stories aloud!  This site is free

Visual Fractions:  For visual learners!

National Library of Vitual Manipulatives:  This site contains activities for
students from Pre K to grade 12
.  It is definitely worth investigating.

 Links for Parents:

Reading Rockets: Strategies for Helping Kids Who Struggle With Reading

Online Safety   This site is a good conversation starter for internet safety.

Internet Safety:  A guide for parents.

Get your Web Licence:  This PBS site is great to share with your child.  It's a
fun game that talks about the importance of protecting your passwords,
meeting people online, downloading and more.  

My Favorite Technology Links

  This program allows you to capture screen shots (for Windows), narration and
keystrokes from your computer
screen.  For example, I want to show my students how to embed narration into
PowerPoint.  I start Jing, and using a
microphone and my mouse I begin to describe how to insert narration.  Jing captures my
screen shots and my voice to
produce a little movie.  So a week later, when students have forgotten how to embed
narration, you can direct them to
the Jing movie.  This builds greater independence for them and makes your life just a
little bit easier.  You'll see
samples of movies on my website.

Picnik  This program is a photo editor.  It allows you to do all the basic editing features
AND allows you to add
captions and titles to a photo. 

Picasa:  I LOVE this program.  It organizes all your photos, allows you to edit them
(crop, red eye reduction ,
straighten and more) but the best thing is that it allows you to resize an entire album at
once! This will be very useful
for teachers working on their teacher websites!

Bubbls.us This is a concept mapping tool.  It's great for helping students brainstorm ideas
or to create a web to include
in projects/reports.  

Delicious:  This is my new favorite website.  How often have you booked a page on
your home computer and have
to search for it again because it is not bookmarked on your school computer.  Delicious
is an online application that
allows you to store AND share your bookmarks.  It also has unique features that allow
you to tag each bookmark
making your list SEARCHABLE!

Google.Docs:  This is an amazing tool.  It's a place to store information online where
others can read and edit it. 
(Actually, this is NOT a download.  Simply sign up for a free account.
Blabberize.com  This is just plain fun.  Take a digital photo and animate it.  Make
the mouth move and add your
own voice narration.  

Photopeach.com  Make a slide show with music (incuded in the program).  This is
very similar to photostory but
the perk is that it works on both Mac and PCs and viewers don't need any additional
software to view your slideshow 
This program is so easy to use and its final product is pretty decent!  Here is my
Blooming Cactus show - it took about 5
minutes to make!

Note:  I used a Content Space Page to build my Educational Links Page.  I think it looks nicer and is easier to add information that tells parents/students about the links I've provided.