1st Grade

Welcome to First Grade!!!


·        ­Students will increase their academic knowledge in all subject areas. 

·        Students will become life-long learners.

·        Students will grow and learn their role as citizens of a community.


·        We expect our students to be present at school at 7:50am, ready to learn.

·        We expect students to read for twenty minutes a day, four days a week. (This will be documented with a parent signature on a weekly reading log.)

·        We expect all math homework to be completed and returned to class.

·        We expect students to make respectful, responsible, and safe decisions at all times.


Parental Support:

We greatly appreciate all parental support at home and in the classroom.  Ways you can support us and your students are:

·        Helping your child with homework.

·        Sign and returning all forms.

·        Checking your child’s backpack daily.

·        Contributing to your child’s education by helping out in the classroom.

·        Stressing the importance of education.


Thank you for all of your support.  First grade is a very important year!

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Tuscano School Phone Number:  (623) 707-2300.