Our Programs

We recognize that no two children learn in exactly the same way or at the same time. At Tuscano, we celebrate their diversity and individuality by providing a variety of special-interest clubs and learning opportunities.


Children turning four years old by September 1 may enroll in our full-day preschool program. This wonderful program provides exciting learning experiences promoting kindergarten readiness. Based on your family income level, you may qualify for free or reduced-price tuition. We also offer a full-pay option. Space is limited, so don’t delay! Contact our office to begin the enrollment process.

Head Start Preschool

We love having little learners on our campus! Children turning ages three to five by September 1 may apply for enrollment in Head Start, a needs-based preschool program developed to promote school readiness for children ages three to five by offering educational, nutritional, health, social, and other services.

Families must meet age and income eligibility requirements required by the Head Start Program. To learn about qualification criteria and how to register, please visit the Head Start Preschool page on our district site, or call 623-474-7262 to speak with us.

After-School Clubs & Tutoring

We offer a variety of after-school clubs and tutoring for qualifying students. We fund these programs through several sources, including extracurricular tax-credit donations.

Student Council

The Tuscano Student Council plays an important role in our school by helping to raise funds for school-wide projects and assisting our school community in times of need.

Through participation in the student council, students learn about democracy and leadership. Classmates elect their peers to serve as representatives in the third through fifth grades. Students who participate in the student council have opportunities to develop responsibility and become active members of our community.

Kids at Hope

At Tuscano Elementary, we have adopted the Kids at Hope belief system:

  • We believe that all children are capable of success, no exceptions! Not some children, not most children, but ALL children. We focus on what children can do and what they are capable of.
  • We connect with all children in a meaningful, sustainable way. Children succeed when they have meaningful and sustainable relationships with caring adults. We refer to these relationships as the Four ACES: Ace of Hearts—anchor parent; Ace of Clubs—other caring adult; Ace of Spades—high expectations; Ace of Diamonds—opportunities to succeed. You are the Ace of Hearts for your child. You are the only one who can give your child this important Ace. The staff at Western Valley strives to intentionally connect with students and hand out the other three Aces on a daily basis. Your child can also receive these Aces from others in your family, in your neighborhood, and in the community.
  • We time travel. We are committed to teaching our students how to visualize and verbalize their future in the Four Destinations listed below. We assist and encourage students in creating multiple pathways to reach those dreams and goals.
    • Home and Family
    • Community and Service
    • Hobbies and Recreation
    • Education and Career

The PBIS system (Positive Behavioral Interventions & Support) program helps us to explicitly teach students behavioral expectations for conduct at school. We offer positive reinforcement and recognition to students who meet our expectations. Visit the PBIS website for more information.


Our art program takes students on a visual journey around the world as they explore influential artists and styles. As they learn the fundamentals of art, students discover how art makes our daily lives just a little more lovely.


We integrate movement, singing, instrumentation, and music theory with classroom instruction. Students may actively participate and further their music education by performing in choir and band groups. Our music instruction is based on Arizona state standards.

Media Center

Our media center is a community reference center. We want every child to experience the joy of reading and provide opportunities for students to visit the media center with their classes or at other times with a pass from their teacher.

Physical Education

All students participate in physical education classes. This health-related physical fitness program encourages lifetime involvement in physical activity.

Child Study Team

The Child Study Team processes referrals for educational intervention for students with learning and behavioral problems. The team offers help to classroom teachers in differentiating for students with special needs.

We invite the parents of students referred to the team to attend meetings when we discuss the needs of your child. We involve parents/guardians in all decisions regarding evaluation and/or placement in a specific special education program.

Section 504

The Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 504, provides services for students identified as “qualified.” Qualified students must have a demonstrated physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity, has a record of such impairment, or is regarded as having such an impairment. Section 504 eligibility requires that students have a substantial learning limitation demonstrated by an educational need (i.e. a serious academic and/or serious behavioral problem) resulting from the disability and not other causes.

Special Education

The Tuscano Elementary School Special Education Department provides the following programs for eligible students:

  • Resource Room
  • Self-Contained Emotionally Disabled Program
  • Self-Contained Multiple Impaired Program
  • Speech and Language
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physical Therapy